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First year: Level 4 Diploma in Business Computing and Information Systems (BCIS), (Locally delivers)

Level 4 Diploma in Business Computing and Information Systems (L4BCIS) (RQF) makes up the first year of the NCC Education degree journey. The qualification is equivalent to the first year of an IT degree in the UK university system.

Students will be given the opportunity to develop essential thinking and study skills, not only within the computing domain, but also within the context of business through a balance of academic and vocational subjects. The qualification will allow them to understand and enter the computing profession with the necessary knowledge expected within the industry and the ability to apply the skills to a range of IT-related functions.Learners will be introduced to the many different aspects of international business in today’s world and will study the following units:

- Skills for Computing

- Computer Networks

- Computer Systems

- Understanding Business Organisations

- Designing and Developing a Website

- Databases

- Designing and Developing object-oriented computer programs

- Software Development Techniques

- Office Solutions Development

Second year: Level 5 diploma in Business Computing and Information Systems (BCIS), (Locally delivers)

The Level 5 Diploma in Computing (RQF) (L5DC) makes up the second year of the NCC Education degree journey and builds upon the knowledge gained during the NCC Education Level 4 Diploma in Computing. Exposing students to greater detail and more advanced topics in a range of areas including database development, information systems analysis, network security and cryptography.

Students will study a balance of academic and vocational subjects in order to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to play a significant role in IT organisations.

Students must study the following eight core units:

- Professional Issues in IT

- Network Security and Cryptography

- Information Systems Analysis

- Dynamic Websites

- Analysis, Design and Implementation

- Database Design and Development

- Agile Development

- Computing Project

Final year: Level 6 - (BCIS) degree

(Deliver via UK university):

The BCIS (Hons) Business computing and information systems, delivered online by NCC Education and validated and awarded by the University of Central Lancashire, has been designed to prepare students for employment in the IT sector. The qualification equips students with a blend of technical IT skills and business expertise that will prepare them for a career in senior management IT roles. The qualification units are designed to provide the fundamental skills and knowledge required by employers in the IT sector.

- Advanced database management systems

- Corporate communication systems management

- eBusiness

- Managing information systems projects

Program values

The program delivered at VES Edu center with and provide many values such as:

Face to face teaching

International lecturers

Full academic support

Flexible evening time

Workshop and seminar and group discussion

Globally accredited

Qualifications and Accreditation

Admission and Required documents

- There are four assessments cycles which give the candidate the best choose to join the suitable cycle to submit the assignment or attend the exam.

High school certificate or its equivalent

IELTS score of 5.5

Pass the interview

A copy of the Passport