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2021 Submissions

Book your place now in the 2021 submissions

Choose your major now

Now you can get a bachelor’s degree in

- Business Administration

- Business Computing and Information Systems

- Cyber Security

Study features ❓

✳️ An accredited British Bachelor's degree

✳️ Freedom to choose subjects

✳️ The possibility of students completing their studies abroad or completing their academic degrees in Saudi Arabia

✳️ The possibility of studying online

✳️ The university offers distinguished specializations 🔝 Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Computing and Business from

- Buckinghamshire New University🏛️

- The University of Greenwich🏛️

- University of Central Lancashire🏛️

✳️ Providing all references, books and lectures

✳️ IG Grade 10 holders are accepted

✳️ IELTS is not required

Academic credits ❓

1️⃣ The Ofqual

2️⃣ British National Center NCC Education

3️⃣ British Council

4️⃣ The Cultural Attaché at the student’s embassy in England